Matigan Poster Competition March 2019


Matigan Art Gallery is pleased to announce the International Poster Competition for march 2019. The competition invites all artists from around the world to design a creative poster. The theme  is discrimination in any form possible, Personal experiences, how it should have been, stories, dreams and hopes, ways for the future ahead, Unfairness and how the world treats it with carelessness and how it should be?

Feel free to be creative and reflect  the theme we described.
The fee is 17 euro. We believe every artist makes unique art and that’s why there will be no selection process. There will be 6 winners. Each participant is going to be presented at the exhibition. Our 6 winners can come and stay at Matigan for 10 days and immerse themselves in the beautiful Berlin.

How to apply :

All the information you need to apply is in the application form in the following link. read through it and please ask us any questions you might have:

Email address: