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Color is a language that artists use to express emotions, convey moods, and captivate viewers. The art of selecting and combining colors to create a harmonious visual experience is a fundamental aspect of any artistic creation. Exploring color palettes is not just about choosing hues; it’s about unlocking the power of colors to tell stories, evoke feelings, and communicate ideas. Color palettes can be seen as our science of feelings, and while you can always go wild with colors, sometimes it’s beneficial to know and respect certain rules. In this article, we embark on a creative journey through the world of color palettes, delving into their significance, techniques for effective color selection, and the endless sources of inspiration they draw from. Read More

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Matigan provides an artist in residence program for artists around the world in Berlin, Germany,
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Black Lives Matter Exhibition

Click on Gallery A for seeing the collection of painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, on Gallery B for video art, photography and design and on Meet The Artists for getting to know our artists.


black_lives_matter_matigan_exhibition_painting_drawing_sculpture_mixed_media matigan-black-lives-matter-all-artists https://matigan.com/blacklivesmatter_matigan_exhibition_video_photography_design/

Execution of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 in the middle of the day and in front of the whole world was one of the clearest evidence of racism and brutality based on color, in 21 century. We clearly saw that human beings are still being tortured and killed for what they are and they didn’t choose themselves, it was such a shock for the humanity for the simple fact that it was captured on cameras.

Discrimination is utterly ugly and wrong but clearly on paper because in reality people are still being targets of it in any form.  We hope that in time human beings and mostly political systems reach to an understanding of how to stop this violence, but until then at Matigan as always we tend to translate the common universal feelings through art and the heart of our artists.