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This is Gallery A where you can see  the collection of painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media. Click on Gallery B for video art, photography and design and on Meet The Artists for getting to know our artists.

Execution of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 in the middle of the day and in front of the whole world was one of the clearest evidence of racism and brutality based on color, in 21 century. We clearly saw that human beings are still being tortured and killed for what they are and they didn’t choose themselves, it was such a shock for the humanity for the simple fact that it was captured on cameras.

Discrimination is utterly ugly and wrong but clearly on paper because in reality people are still being targets of it in any form.  We hope that in time human beings and mostly political systems reach to an understanding of how to stop this violence, but until then at Matigan as always we tend to translate the common universal feelings through art and the heart of our artists.

Johanna Goodman

1. The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.409: Black Lives Matter
20” x 30” Collage, 2020


2. The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.408: Black Lives Matter
20” x 30” Collage, 2020

3. The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.410: Black Lives Matter
20” x 30” Collage, 2020

4. The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.412: Black Lives Matter
20” x 30” Collage, 2020

5. The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.411: Black Lives Matter
20” x 30” Collage, 2020


Antonius Kho

My works, like my culture, are mosaic: they consist of vignettes of tropical and earth tones scattered across the canvas in an obsession patterning of human figures and masks.


When looking at it, though, it is impossible to focus on these individual patterns or sub-patterns, one’s attention is drawn away, made to run from one color surface to the other. dance across the canvas from one tone to the other. until this visual search identification signs: eyes. Eyes lurk everywhere in my works, “They are the ultimate presence or truth” , therefore the life behind the mask-and, from an aesthetic point of view.
The vibrant of earth tones of my native Java find life and substance in carefully structured compositions. My seeks to resolve the fluid, graceful, mutable philosophy of Indonesia with solid, reasonable, almost cubist forms. These rich and various forms are rendered in slashing, vigorous strokes, with generous application of tropical colors.
My paintings are figurative while having the formal qualities of abstraction. They can thus be interpreted at both levels, without the one interfering on the other. One may let oneself be either haunted by the weird presence of the “eyes” and masks or entranced by the hypnotic quality of the color patterns.


Roman Senapati

Title : The broken lines
Medium -pen on paper
Size -30x22inch

This drawing is little different than my usual works. I did this work to cherish those little moments and experiences. In this I have used the small broken lines. These lines represent the small experiences or moments in our life that unknowingly help us to achieve our goal. These little broken lines which we ignore, hold the true value in our life. The circle represents the goal.


Title: Desire
Medium:- Pen on paper.
Size:- 22X30 inch

This work abstract representations of the dreams, desires or goals of an individual. Some dreams are realized in our life, some are in the progress of the realization, and some of them, we have to bury deep down because of the unfavorable circumstances or for the sake of our loved ones. In this work, I have used only the lines,circles to represent our desire.

Title: Purgatory
Medium:- Pen on paper.
Size:- 60x42inch

This work is to depict the state of purgatory which we are heading towards due to our growing concrete jungle. In this work I have given much more depth which normally I don’t do just to show the destruction. The semicircle in the middle represent the moon,to emphasize the fact that, We are trying to find life on moon, but we are ignoring the trouble which we are causing to nature. We are ignoring the beauty of our nature on earth. The ladder like forms on the right represent our urbanization or our growing concrete jungle which is slowly ruining our mother nature.

Title: Ultimatum Line
Medium -pen on paper
Size -30x22inch

This work is related to our very own nature. Nature is beautiful in its own way. We are no one to interfere in it. Every form in my work is inspired from nature, it is an inevitable part of my work. The problem is, we are causing a lot trouble to the nature. For our own greed, we are misusing the resources. We are taking it for granted. That red line in my work is the ultimatum line, if we cross that line, we will have to pay for it.


Ver Ikeseh

  1. “Melanin Under Bars 1”, oil and fabric on canvas.
  2. “The Color Of Racism”, acrylic on canvas.
  3. “Melanin Under Bars 2”, oil and fabric on canvas.
  4. “Melanin Under Bars 4”, oil and fabric on canvas.

Jean René Leblanc

Title: The Flag Will save US all
Medium: Digital Infrared Photography
Year: 2020


  1. Abstrata
  2. A-Oracao
  3. Cicatrizes
  4. Epílogo
  5. Esperanca
  6. Lembranças
  7. Suplica

Hosna Karnama

Acrylic on canvas size: 100 X100 cm

Suleyman Wellings Longmore

Excellence, 18*17 cm, Clay

Hope, 270* 190 cm, Mixed Media On Canvas

Swarup Manna

Through this work ,I have tried to focus on the current situation that we are dealing with.

Soimadou Ali Ibrahim

  1. My friend please be gentle, 2020
    Acrylic on canvas
  2. Chaï Time, 2020
    Acrylic on canvas
  3. Ahmed, 2020
    Acrylic on canvas

Kate Bortsova

Pieta acrylic oil on canvas