Water Color Tips

Watercolor is a wonderful medium that can create dreamy, fantastical landscapes, but it can be a challenge to master. To get the most out of your watercolor paintings, it’s important to use high-quality materials. I recommend upgrading from a beginner-level paint like Pelikan to a professional-grade one like Schmincke. Schmincke paints have a higher pigment concentration, which means they produce brighter, more vibrant colors that blend well together.

In addition to using high-quality paint, selecting the right paper is also crucial. Watercolor paper is specially designed to absorb water and hold the paint in place, allowing you to create beautiful washes and fine details. I recommend using paper with a weight of at least 140 lb (300 gsm) and a rough or cold-pressed texture, like Arches Watercolor Paper.

To get the most out of your watercolor paints, there are a few techniques you can use. One is to use a wet-on-wet technique, where you wet the paper with clean water before adding paint. This creates a beautiful, soft look that’s perfect for creating dreamy, atmospheric scenes. Another technique is to use a dry-brush technique, where you use a dry brush to apply paint to a dry surface. This produces a more textured look, which can be great for creating interesting details and contrast.

If you’re new to working with watery materials, trying out ink on cheaper paper or cardboards can be a great way to experiment with a whole new world of painting. You can also experiment with different types of watercolor brushes, like round brushes for detailed work and flat brushes for larger washes.

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Black Lives Matter Exhibition


Click on Gallery A for seeing the collection of painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, on Gallery B for video art, photography and design and on Meet The Artists for getting to know our artists.


black_lives_matter_matigan_exhibition_painting_drawing_sculpture_mixed_media matigan-black-lives-matter-all-artists https://matigan.com/blacklivesmatter_matigan_exhibition_video_photography_design/

Execution of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 in the middle of the day and in front of the whole world was one of the clearest evidence of racism and brutality based on color, in 21 century. We clearly saw that human beings are still being tortured and killed for what they are and they didn’t choose themselves, it was such a shock for the humanity for the simple fact that it was captured on cameras.

Discrimination is utterly ugly and wrong but clearly on paper because in reality people are still being targets of it in any form.  We hope that in time human beings and mostly political systems reach to an understanding of how to stop this violence, but until then at Matigan as always we tend to translate the common universal feelings through art and the heart of our artists.

Art is Border Free, So are Artists

Art is Border Free, So are Artists was an exhibition at Matigan Art And Cultural Center in Vienna in the Spring of 2018. True to the exhibition title, this show featured artists from all over the world. Below are select of the work featured in this exhibition.

Artists Featured in Exhibition

Ali Yegane

Arezoo Abdolmaleki

Azar Nooshin

Fateme Mozafari

Fateme Sarvarpoor

Firooze Barzegari

Khorshid Michaeli

Kobra (Malihe) Abedi

Maryam al Sadat Abtahi

Nahid Safari

Najme Sarmad

Nasrin Bosak

Nooshin Mahmoodi

Sajede Emami

Saman Moarref

Shahrzad Farazi

Sara Abasiniya



 Art is Border Free, So are Artists

Group Painting Exhibition

Vienna Spring 2018

Matigan Gallery

Color Myself                          

Exhibition on color harmony

Vienna Fall 2017

Matigan Gallery


пповая выставка

париж 2017

художественная группа Matigan